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Trader 575 Sunliner Passage – Menton France to Burriana Spain

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Trader 575 Sunliner Passage – Menton France to Burriana Spain

Ships Log

21/04/2018  11.00 a.m. Menton Garavan

fuel burn was 6 gals per hour per engine @ 9kts.

    Passage was direct & non stop Via. 

Isles de poqueroles, gulf de lyon, barcelona , Burriana.

     Sea was max 1.5 mtrs.

     Boat was all OK except autopilot wandered ! 

Well done Martin – Many thanks

This is the active version – never a dull moment

  I arrived by train in Menton Garavan around 11.00 with my watchkeeper .

After the usual tete a tete with the marina French only speaking & non too helpful staff we gained permission to depart and also collected the boat key.

      A quick supermarket dash then we loaded almost €3000 of diesel and we were ready to depart.

       At 13.00 we departed in glorious sunshine & a flat sea , heading along the French Riviera towards Monaco.

        Passing Monaco we changed course to pass Cannes, St Tropez and headed into the channel between the French coast & the Isles de Poqueroles.

          It was at this point that my friend and Watchkeeper David spotted something large off our port bow around 1 mile away & called me.

            As the object was not easy to identify and large we changed course to investigate. On closer inspection we found it to be the bow of a partly submerged yacht I estimated to be 10 -15 mtrs long.

        Once we had identified the stricken yacht I immediately called the French Cross-med radio station to report its position and what we could see. We advised them it was clearly a hazard to shipping and there followed a lengthy radio and later telephone conversation.

The French even asking us if we could tow it to Toulon !! Clearly this was declined and we departed the scene leaving the French authorities to figure out a salvage plan that didn’t involve M.Y. Stiggins .

    We later found out 2 days later the boat was burnt out but the hull was lost until we spotted it. No persons were hurt in the fire or loss.

      After the incident we headed out through the channel, past Toulon and into the Gulf of Lyon as darkness fell.

        A quiet night followed and only 4 ships were spotted, 13.00 the following day and we spotted the Spanish coast, a slightly lumpy day followed with head seas around 1.5 metres but the boat just ploughed along at a steady 9 knots  .

        We were running at 9kts in order to be clear of the Gulf of Lyons next weather system and were bang on schedule.

         After we passed Barcelona around 21.00 we changed course for Burriana and ran through the night without problems except the autopilot occasionally losing its heading forcing us to hand steer.

          We worked a 2 hours on / 2 off watch system for the duration which is exhausting but we were on a tight timeframe.

            Our arrival in Burriana was on schedule at 10.00 and once tied up the boat was washed down, covers on and left as found. I then notified the owner & James at Tarquin of our successful conclusion before jumping a taxi to Valencia airport for our return to Mallorca as we had another job starting the very next day .


Martin Whyte.

RYA Principal Instructor Sail & Motor

Owner of A1 Sailing Mallorca


British Maritime Coastguard Agency

Master commercial 200.000 kgs

20180422_205847 20180423_063713 IMG-20180421-WA0009

T575 Blue photo

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