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We have extensive experience in dealing with the Trader motor yacht range and offer an alternative brokerage centre for a large number of Trader motor yacht owners and purchasers.

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Tarquin Motor Yachts are pleased to introduce to you the EXPLORER RANGE T43,T47,T485,T49, T535, T575 Sundeck – Signature – Sunliner

During the late seventies production of the first KSE* trawler yacht was an inspiration that transcended the world – after delivering almost 300 yachts to owners ranging in size from 40’ through to 60’– KSE have given exclusive rights to Tarquin Motor Yachts** to supply this specific iconic range of Trawler Yachts ’N; Series (FORMALLY BRANDED ‘TRADER) to the market.

Tarquin Motor Yachts are pleased to introduce to you the EXPLORER RANGE T43,T47,T485,T49, T535, T575 Sundeck – Signature – Sunliner

Built by Kha Shing Enterprise Co Ltd in Taiwan – whom has themselves built over 1,060 fine yachts ranging from 40’ up to 130’ in a variety of Semi Custom models and sizes.

Kha Shing has been an ISO-certified yacht builder for many years. All yachts are built according to the ISO quality management system. Every yacht is inspected and checked consistently throughout construction. Yachts also undergo sea trials before final delivery.


With warranties to match if not exceed your expectations

 Limited 5 year Hull and Hull structure stringer warranty

 Including hull and superstructure against blister

 Lily gel-coat and Epoxy coating used as standard

 CE mark certification for all the models

Cat A Offshore

It should be clearly understood this is in no way the launch of a new product yet to be proven – but the re-launch of a popular and enduring Trawler Yachtof which almost 300 varying sizes of this range have been delivered, tried and tested and it is ‘Testimony’ to this timeless design, meticulous engineering and luxurious accommodation that provides a unique aft master suite and spacious aft deck that almost no other yacht builder can match in its class and size.  

We at Tarquin Motor Yachts are after all working on the principle and please forgive the cliché: but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Easily recognisable to the discerning yachtsman with a sense of adventure – the Tarquin Explorer now starts with a semi custom T43’ Sports Fisher and moves through the range from T44’ and T49’ Sundeck to T485, T535, T575 Sunliner and the custom T575 Sunliner (complete with three cabins all en-suite and the fixed flybridge canopy). 

Semi Custom

An understated willingness to provide that what you ask for – if you want it you should get it (providing of course it is physically possible) including two, three or four cabin layout, variation of deck layout, engineering choices all you have to do is ask!

The ultimate cruiser?

Is this the ultimate cruiser – who can say for sure as its all rather subjective – beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder – as is the performance – there are bigger, lighter, faster and slower vessels – but one thing is for sure, only one will suit you’re personal needs. We are not here to beat the rest but ensure you the client/owner achieve your goals and by re-launching this most popular range of Trawler Yacht give you the choice.

It is our sole intention to deliver to you one of the finest Trawler Yachts money can buy without hassle or concern – buying a new yacht should be nothing but a pleasure for the purchaser and new owner and we are here to make that a reality.

Tarquin Motor Yachts are pleased to introduce to you the EXPLORER RANGE

  • T43’ Sports Fisher
  • T44’ Sundeck
  • T485 Sunliner
  • T49’ Sundeck
  • T535 Sunliner
  • T575 Sunliner
  • T575 Sunliner custom




Photographs are kindly provided by KSE

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